Hugs and kisses from Hattingdon Horses

I love this hugs and kisses inspired design first of all because Hattingdon looks adorable. Secondly, I love this design because there are so many wonderful ways you can use it.

Hattingdon sends out hugs and kisses — via x’s and o’s — on a sweetheart of a hat that we (that would be the royal “we”, Hattingdon and I) in three delicious colorways of pink, red and Hattingdon teal.

We named the design Heidi.

“The art of writing longhand may have faded, but many of us continue to emit x’s and o’s like a binary love code in the e-mails that consume our daily lives,” states Nadine Epstein in a 2014 Washington Post Style article discussing how these these popular symbols for expressing affection came to be.

What a sweet, pretty way to say thank you, get well soon, congratulations, thinking of you . . . and what a charming way to say I love you on Valentine’s Day. The list goes on! And your grateful recipient will have a treasured Hattingdon.

Note: You can customize this mug and remove the text in the center.

GREETING CARD – $3.50 (—.55 on a note card)

BASIC TEE – $23.70

Heidi Hattingdon Teal T-shirts
Heidi Hattingdon Teal T-shirts by Hattingdon
Browse more Heidi T-Shirts at Zazzle



Bye for now. Please follow us. And come back soon.


Hattingdon and Vivian

P.S. The printing by the way on the cards is frame worthy, on heavy card stock in crisp, vibrant colors.


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