Tiling and pattern making with Hattingdon

Hattingdon Horses logo pillow in Hattingdon Teal with white pattern. Created by Vivian. Naturally!
Hattingdon Horses logo pillow in Hattingdon Teal with white pattern. Created by Vivian. Naturally! Click to buy it now.

Updated 11/11/15 with tie.

Look at this darling pillow I created at Zazzle.com using Hattingdon’s new logo and Zazzle’s customize and create options. You can too.


Making a Pattern

If you don’t have your own seamless pattern for tiling, you can easily make one with just a little knowledge of Photoshop. Here’s how I made Hattingdon’s.

In Photoshop I started with a 600 px X 600 px 300 dpi file with a transparent back (“File” + “New”). I always go ahead and name it and “save as” right then and there. Prevents you from a lot of potentially scary moments later. I can see people nodding their heads knowingly!

I centered Hattingdon’s logo (300 px X 300 px 300 dpi) in the middle, working with it in black so I could easily see what I was doing.

I selected the “Filter” tool (from the menu bar across the top), selected “Other” and chose “Offset” at the bottom of the drop down box, and entered 300 in the pixels right and pixels down boxes. That’s half the size of the image box not the image.

Now. That leaves the middle nice and clear. So what to put there?

Usually I would put the same image that I had just offset in the center. But in this case I took the exclamation point from Hattingdon’s logo and made plus sign using the rotate feature, placed it into the center then rotated it 45 degrees so it looked like an “x”.

Next I clicked on “Layer” and chose “Merge Visible” from the drop down box and made it a nice crisp white — #FFFFFF. And saved my work.

Creating a Product at Zazzle

I logged into Zazzle. Selected “Create” (top of page) and chose a pillow. I set the background to the color I wanted — Hattingdon Teal. (If the color you want isn’t in the chart, click on the little eye dropper, click advanced and type in the hex code in the box provided, which in this case is #339999).

Then I added my image (which I uploaded when prompted). At advanced settings (the little round sprocket) I selected “Tile This Image” to make it pattern.

I sized it down until the design appeared the way I wanted on the product. Oh. Very important. Remember to do the same on the back of the pillow!

From there you can save it, post it for sale, save it to your cart or purchase your dazzling new creation.

This is too much fun. How about a lumbar pillow in black and tan. Yummmmm.

Hattingdon Logo lumbar pillow in black and tan by Vivian. Click to buy now!
Hattingdon Logo lumbar pillow in black and tan by Vivian. Click to buy now!

This tiling/pattern making feature is also great for creating custom placemats, towels, blankets and more!

If you want to try it, make an image or find a free one on the internet, right click and save it.

Click on one of the pillows shown here that I just made and select “Customize It”.

There you can “Change Image” by uploading your own design to replace what’s there.

Want a different color background? Click on a color already there or the eye dropper, click on advanced, and enter in your hex code (as mentioned earlier).

Hey, speaking of color. I love the December.com Hex Hub which has an amazing array of colors. I know this is for computer monitors but I find that the “safe” codes listed here printed beautifully too.

Want the pattern larger or smaller? Adjust the size of your artwork with the plus and minus buttons — until you get the look you want.

Have fun.

Vivian Written Out

Look. I made a tie. Doesn’t it look nice. Remember, you can customize the background color to your heart’s content. Only the pattern, which is an image you apply, must remain the same color.


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