Meet Cadence Hattingdon

Click image to shop Cadence Hattingdon.
Click image to shop Cadence Hattingdon.

Cadence. def: A sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase.

In dressage it means: The marked accentuation of the tempo and (musical) beat arising from springiness and elasticity. Expression.

Meet Cadence Hattingdon.

Starting with the Hattingdon sweetheart hat silhouette, I made it up in jet black.

I embellished the big, sweeping upturned brim with musical notations seen in sheet music.

I completed the look by giving her matching black nosebobs.

And decided to name the design Cadence.

The name was recommended by Hattingdon’s long time friend Jane.

Simply lyrical! Looks adorable on everything.

Greeting Card $3.50 apiece. See more options at link.

Cadence Hattingdon Greeting Card
Cadence Hattingdon Greeting Card by Hattingdon
Look at more cards from Zazzle.

Postage $24.95 | 20 stamps per sheet | Choose from twelve postage denominations.

Just a couple of teasers. There’s loads more at the shop with delightful gift ideas for the home and office, and of course the ubiquitous tee shirts, plus covers for your electronics . . . Whew! There’s a lot.

Shop Cadence Hattingdon »
Shop Hattingdon Horses »

See you next time. Working on updating existing hats as well as new ones. As Hattingdon says, “You can never be too rich, too beautiful or have too many hats.”

Vivian Written Out


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