Hattingdon Horses and Horses with Hats

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How fun! This is life imitating art. When I showed these pictures to Hattingdon, she snorted:

    “I was wearing hats before these horses were born — since I was a weanling. I am not just a horse who models hats. Hats are part of my day-to-day life. I never leave the barn without one.”

However, giving credit where credit is due, it is my expert opinion that the stylist and photographer did an excellent job with their selection of hats and choice of equine models. Exquis!

Hattingdon is right of course. Though I might add, she “was born” wearing a hat. Learn more at Hattingdon’s Hat-story.

Shop Hattingdon and get your horses and hats on! »


Hattingdon Horses created by © Vivian Grant Farrell.

Real horses pictured wearing actual hats are from Rosie Olivia Milliner’s collection. Images by Venture Photography. Via The Guardian, April 2014. View the Guardian’s Slideshow.

Posted by Vivian.


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