Top Five Hattingdon® designs for October 2015

October isn’t quite over but we still have the results for this month’s top selling Hattingdon designs because every one of these designs are runaway winners. So exciting. We just loving seeing what you love.



Star Hattingdon

Always on the list, no matter what, year and year out, no matter the season. The cowboy hat lives on forever! And Hattingdon does look absolutely adorable in it.

Number 4


Brooke Hattingdon

Brooke made a really strong showing this month. This design — a tribute to Canada — picked up a head of steam about the middle of September and easily sailed into the top five by mid October.

Number 3


Candie 2010

We added this design to our collection in 2010. Stripes are always a fetching look. Teaming horizontal stripes with alternating candy corn decorating makes for a festive, autumnal look.

Ladies bought the Candie design almost exclusively on tank tops. Tank tops are so versatile — great for layering when it’s chilly and on their own when the temperature warms up a bit which it often does in these days of unpredictable weather changes.

The Candie design was also bought on mugs, tote bags, greeting cards, invitations and postage.

A friend of ours made gifts with Candie mugs. She filled them with sweets and savory treats then wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon. So cute.

We always beg for pictures. If you have done something special like this with a Hattingdon please send us a photo, or post on Facebook or Instagram — any social media — and send us the link! We hold a prize draw for a gift certificate every month from among ideas submitted by you. But like they say, you gotta be in in to win it!

Number 2

Belle Hattingdon
No surprise here. It’s our glorious Belle. What can we say? She is one of the most popular designs we have ever had, from the moment of creation (her creation that is LOL).

Number 1

and our number one seller is . . . .

GOT TREATS (also called Treat)

Got Treats? (also called Treat).

Ball caps are big favorites with Hattingdon fans. But this one in bright orange and Hattingdon holding a nice juicy, crunchy carrot makes this design very, very popular.

Thanks everyone and see you next time.

Vivian Written Out


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