Hattingdon takes Manhattan in her “Apple” ballcap

Hattingdon writes:

Hello again.

I have hat-stacks full of hats in just about every shape and size for most any occasion.

I have always had a particular fondness for novelty hats. And I have a very deep and abiding fondness for the city that never sleeps. So we came up with a design that celebrates New York that is bright, cheery and full of fun.

We decided to call the design — Apple! (see it in the Shop).


Design Description
Apple Hattingdon wears a black ballcap with a green brim and black nosebobs. The hat is adorned with such a cute idea for paying homage to the Big Apple — three red apples in a row across the front with bright green leaves with the letters “N Y C”.

How fun is that?

I don’t know why Vivian makes me put these descriptions in since you can clearly see what the hat looks like … but she does. Snort.

And you can also see I look absolutely adorable.

Our good friend Tammy who lives in Manhattan ordered an Apple tee.

The day she got it, Tammy threw it on with jeans, a leather jacket and red ankle boots. Tourists and New Yorkers alike pointed at her all day long, smiling and laughing (these are good things to be much encouraged), quite a few stopping and asking her about me.

Tammy has always gotten good responses from her Hattingdon tees, but not as much as the Apple design. Don’t you just love novelty hats too?

Here’s the design on a mousepad. Price: $13.95.

— Here’s the shopping link for Apple Hattingdon »

See you later all you dear Hatting-donians.

Love, Hattingdon

Originally posted February 11, 2015 on our old blog.

Gift idea: Since we first posted this, Hattingdon fan Jeannie Douglass got us to rework the Apple design for her by changing the NYC lettering to the name of her favorite teacher Susan. Jeannie  bought it and gifted her teacher with it who was thrilled.  We asked for a picture of her in her Apple tee but she is too shy. Thanks for letting us know how much you like it.



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