Your Top 5 Hattingdon Designs for June 2015

Here are your top five favorite Hattingdon Horses® designs for June 2015 based on sales.

Skylar Hattingdon Black

Skylar Hattingdon Black

Well, say hey, look at you Miss Skylar. This is one of my personal favorites. How darling she is. And she is the only Hattingdon who does not actually wear a hat. A bit of trivia that may come in useful in one of our contests.

Star Hattingdon

Star Hattingdon

Still loving Star after all these years. You do too. I believe I have more Star clothing than any other design. My sweatshirt is my favorite. Love wearing it with jeans and my cowboy boots. And always get compliments and loads of smiling glances.

Belle Hattingdon

Belle Hattingdon

She’s always here isn’t she? So sweet. This design sells great not just in Louisville and New Orleans like you would expect because of the fleur de lis in her mane, but also in France.

Hunter Charity Hattingdon

Hunter Charity Hattingdon

The equestrian look never goes out of style. It has had a big resurgence lately and the sales for this design really show that.

And now for the big reveal.

Who is at Number One . . . ?


Drum roll please . . . !


Whitney Hattingdon

Whitney Hattingdon

Wow, how about that? Whitney! Isn’t she a darling? We are happy so many of you are enjoying this wonderful design.

We particularly love the butterfly, who is sitting on her hat and seems to be peering at the button, as if to say, hmmmmm what is that exactly?

Well, another month come and gone. It’s always fun totting up the sales as we go along, trying to guess who is going to appear on the top five board.

Thank you to each and every one of you, our great Hattingdon fans. I’m already wondering who it’s going to be in July aren’t you?

Vivian Written Out
Vivian Grant Farrell
Creator, Hattingdon Horses®

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